A Spice Pot Dinner in Aid of Kipawa

My fabulous friend, Abby Ingham, is running her 3rd marathon in April next year.   I actually think she's mental but I'm full of admiration for her (and all you other marathon runners). I hadn't quite realized, before knowing Abby, how much much time it takes up and what a commitment it is, especially when you are already short on time with 3 kids and a job.

Abby is organising a number of events to raise money for Kipawa and this will secure her place in the London Marathon in April 2017. Kipawa Trust International is a Scottish-based charity which provides feeding programmes and other health and counselling services for school children living in poverty in Kenya. 

Read more about Kipawa and they work they do here.

So, the first event was a Spice Pots Kipawa Curry Night at Abby's house.  Many of you will already know about Abby's legendary parties - it's fairly unlikely that you will ever leave sober and this was no exception.

We had 2 tables of 6 in her kitchen, which looked pink and sparkly and lovely.  As we had been very generous with our shopping, we also decided to run a last minute 'POP UP INDIAN TAKEAWAY'.  This caused only a minor amount of stress (mainly to do with very small quantities of raita in enormous containers), made only a tiny bit worse by the fact that 2 of the 'customers' were standing right in front of me.  They both did point out that the experience was made more authentic by the length of the wait...


Abby's Mojito Cocktails

Tandoori Masala Vegetable and Haloumi Skewers - recipe to follow on website shortly
Tandoori Masala Prawn Skewers
Spice Carrot Salad
Mint and Coriander Raita

Spice Pots Lamb Bhuna
Spice Pots Korma Daal
Spice Pots Goan Butter Chicken
Matar Paneer
Naan (not home made)!

Chocolate Pot
Coconut Cream
Raspberry and Mango Coulis
Cardamom and Orange Shortbread

It was a very simple menu (all cooked before hand except the rice) so a good one for a dinner party as all the prep was the day before.

Abby raised nearly £500 but you can donate Kipawa here.  
All donations go towards Abby's London Marathon fundraising total