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When is Burns Night?

On January 25th, each and every year, Scots all over the world join together to celebrate the life of the Scottish national poet, Robert Burns. Although to the Scottish, the traditions carried out on this night are standard, to everyone else, it might take a bit of explaining.

What is Burns Night?

For some context, you might like to think of Burns as a Scottish Shakespeare. You can read all about his fascinating life here, and trust us, it’s a pretty good story. Anyway, one of the main features of Burns night is enjoying the Burns Night Supper, and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do that… with a little Spice Pots twist of course.

Cullen Skink

This dish is a bit of a fusion recipe - Scottish classic with an Indian twist, if you like. Warming and delicious, it's hearty enough to be a main meal, but how about serving a smaller portion with crusty bread smothered in butter as a Burns Night starter.

Haggis Pakora

It’s hard to think of Scottish food without Haggis coming to mind. Love it or hate it, Haggis is pretty much central to a Burns Night Menu. But there’s no need for your Burns Supper to be exactly like everyone else’s. We’ve got a delicious recipe for Haggis Pakora. It even comes with a tasty whisky dipping sauce!


Dreaming of desert already? It’s likely that Cranachan will be on the menu at your Burns Supper. This creamy pudding is made from cream, fruit and oats, with a dash of whisky and a drizzle of honey. But adding a sprinkle of our Sweet Blend Spice Pots mix would give you Cranachan the edge and leave your guests asking for seconds.


Now, obviously whisky is the traditional drink of choice at a Burns Supper and we'd recommend Fidra Gin which is local to East Lothian. But what if whisky isn’t your thing? We’ve created this lovely recipe for Mulled Cider for you to try instead.

So, now you know how to celebrate Burns Night. Don’t forget to let us know how your night went!

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