Easter Sunday · With an Indian Twist ·

Easter Sunday · With an Indian Twist ·

Easter is another occasion when we often get together as a family and when traditions around food are important.  What will Granny say if we deviate from the usual menu?  (No offence Granny).  However, it is also true to say that it's good to mix things up a bit once in a while AND make life easier for the cook!

We are all for simplicity and deliciousness here at Spice Pots so being able to chat to your guests and be relaxed and stress free is just as important as the food you are serving.  So, when I am entertaining, my number one priority is simplicity and doing as much before the event as I can, so that I can enjoy watching the kids find hidden Easter Eggs rather than stressing in the kitchen.  After all, a happy host equals happy guests.

So, how about doing an easy, family Easter roast lamb with an Indian twist?  Our marinated roast leg of lamb, served with salads and rice is a winner combination of delicious (family friendly) flavours as well as being entirely practical in that most of the work happens the day before.   Don't worry, there is no real heat from the spices in the following recipes, just delicious Indian flavours.  I think Granny will approve.

Just whizz up onions, ginger and garlic with our bhuna or tandoori masala spices, with a little water to combine, then smother all over the lamb and leave to marinate in the fridge the night before.  Also on the day before, make our super simple and delicious Mint and Coriander Raita and Lentil and Tomato Salad or try our delicious carrot salad.

If it's a sunny Easter Sunday, you could also make this al fresco friendly - add in some pitta or flat breads so that your family can make their own very special Easter Sunday picnic in the (hopefully) sunny garden.

So, here is our Spice Pots Easter Sunday Menu (click through on the links for the full recipes):

Spice Pots Easter Roast Lamb

Mint and Coriander Raita

Tomato and Lentil Salad

Carrot Salad

Flat Breads

You could also try another of our warm salads (if the sun is not playing ball)

Lentil, Roast Carrot and Feta Warm Salad

We would love it if you would share your family Easter photos with us!  When it comes, have a very happy Easter Sunday.  



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May 07, 2019

Could you do something similar with beef?

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