Gift Buying for Men · Do you find it as difficult as we do?

Gift Buying for Men · Do you find it as difficult as we do?

Buying Christmas Gifts, for us,
comes in 2 categories.....

Category 1: those presents that are a joy to buy as you know that your Mum / sister /  goddaughter / auntie will love them.

Category 2:  essential presents that you struggle with every year. We’re thinking for the colleague you hardly know, the awkward uncle who doesn’t say much at Christmas, the brother-in-law who has everything or your husband / partner whose tastes are very expensive!

These categories only thinly disguise the fact that we find it a lot easier to buy presents for women!

Gift ideas for men can be tricky.  When you've done the socks, golf balls and handkerchiefs, unless you want to spend a fortune on the latest gadget, it can be hard to know what to buy.  However, practical gifts are a good option for the men in your life. 

An experience, a day out or a voucher are good options as well as food gifts and food hampers.  Don't you find the men in your house always do the curry and BBQ glory cooking?

So, with these gift giving headaches in mind, we've come up with our Christmas Gift Guide for the men in your life.

Gift Ideas for Men

For the Work Colleague or Secret Santa that you don’t know that well - try our Curry Night KitAn inexpensive and useful present that will tick the box and keep you in budget. Only £11.95

For the Brother or Brother-in-law that has everything because they buy it for themselves as soon as they want it - try our Curry Night Gift Set which includes 4 pots and a cookbook.  He will own the cooking for a while and give your sister-in-law or sister a break from the cooking. They will thank you for it. Only £20.00.

For the Nephew who’s likes and dislikes are unknown but you know he loves to eat - choose our Student Starter Cooking Kit which includes 4 spice pots and our cookbook so he can learn to feed himself.  Only £20.00

For the Awkward Uncle - he’s always busy although you are not quite sure what he does.  Give him the Express Set which includes 12 quick curry recipes so he can have his curry on the table in 30 minutes and still have time to be busy.  Only £11.95

For the Husband / Partner who does the glory cooking - we’re talking the curry nights with friends or in the summer, the BBQ cooking - the Luxury Gift Tin ticks the box here - that will keep him busy and you’ll get to enjoy the many different dishes that he has created.  £40.00 and includes a bespoke chef's candle to keep the curry cooking smells at bay.

Spice Pots Luxury Curry Gift Set

For the one you’ve forgotten is coming for Christmas and you missed them off your list - a Gift Voucher - we can email it so works well as a Christmas Eve panic buy present although we can also post out a physical gift card if you’ve remembered in time.  From £10.00 to £50.00.



    And gentlemen, if you are looking for ideas for the ladies in your life, we suggest candles, pretty notebooks, jewelry or an expensive weekend away!  Happy shopping!



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