How to find time to eat together as a family.

How to find time to eat together as a family.

Once upon a time, every family sat down to eat dinner together in the evening. They'd sit and eat, taking their time, whilst sharing interesting bits from their days with one another. Nowadays, if you were to peer into a family home, you’d be hard-pressed to find this occurrence, which is sad in the true sense of the word.

Technology has benefited us as a society in so many ways, but one way it has truly hindered us all is when it comes to bonding as a family, particularly over the age-old custom of having dinner together. In addition to everyone being glued to their smartphones, many homes have both parents working, while other homes only have one parent. Add all these factors into the mix and dinner isn’t like what it used to be.

It’s not just the company we keep when we eat dinner that affects our meal. It’s the quality of the food we eat. Busy parents will often order takeaway in lieu of cooking, and the younger generations of families don’t seem to spend as much time in the kitchen as previous generations.

Regardless of your reasons for not sitting down to a quality meal with your family for dinner every night, if you love your family, it’s something you should try to remedy as quickly as possible. For one, children that eat dinner with their families every night do better in school and are less likely to fall in with the wrong crowd. For another, it’s a great way to build harmony with your family and keep the home a happy place, as it should be.

Try to sit down and eat dinner with your family as many nights as you can. There will be nights with late meetings or football practice for the kids, but even if you can only manage to come together a few times a week, it will benefit your entire family dramatically.

Something else will benefit your family too, and that’s the act of cooking together. You can try something new and different too, which makes the experience of sharing unfamiliar territory together a great deal more pleasurable. So instead of ordering your favourite Indian takeaway, you should make it in your own kitchen.

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