Spice Pots Blog Post # 2 - Mostly a beige food week but pulled it back at the end with some healthy stuff; all-the-vegetables-in-the-fridge-sauce; homemade Pizza; homemade Tart.


So, I had a really busy week last week and the weekend was only a little bit ruined when our youngest son put his hand through the greenhouse resulting in a trip to A&E (he’s fine BTW). Hubbie was slightly peeved as it was his birthday but we did make it to the pub in the end.

Anyway, because of busy Spice Pots stuff, birthdays, trips to hospital and RIDICULOUS homework projects for my eldest son, most of our meals have been of the beige variety and I've not been all that calm and serene.  Perfectly normal questions from the children like ‘what’s for supper?’ are quickly regretted when she-who-feeds-us snaps back ‘oh for god’s sake, I don’t know’ as if this were an entirely ridiculous question.  Hubbie then got his head bitten off when he suggested a chippy pizza although he was trying to be helpful. Gullane Super Fry saved the day in the end. 

So we’ve all lived on greasy food from the chippy,  pasta and pesto, fish fingers, red wine and cheese on crackers this week. The veg box is arriving but I’ve hardly used any of the veg from the last box so I made a panic all-the-vegetables-in-the-fridge sauce.   I didn’t really pay much attention to what I was doing but it was something along the lines of:

Heat Oil
Saute onions and garlic for a few minutes
Add aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes
Add a splash of water, turn heat down very low, put lid on tightly and leave to sweat for about 15 minutes
Then add a bit of stock (if it needs it), creme fraiche, salt and pepper and any herbs lurking in the back of the fridge or in the garden.  Then whizz it all up until a smooth sauce.

I froze the sauce in 4 separate batches.  OCD hubbie and I will have this on pasta with a bit of salty cheese on top but my kids won’t go near it unless I disguise it heavily.  So, for the first time ever, I made pizza dough (partly because I thought I ought to know how to do this and partly to show off).  I then put a thin layer of the sauce on the base, smothered it with cheese and ham and salami so that NONE of the sauce was visible then nuked it in the oven.

(Just a quick interlude - you may imagine me expertly rolling out the dough, deftly topping it with delicious things then ‘popping’ it in the oven.  What actually happened is that after I had topped it, it all went wrong when I tried to lift it up to put it in the oven.  It basically sort of melted into my hands and went all over the floor and I had to start again. I need a pizza slider thing…. Or a bit of tinfoil. I soon worked out that I should have lifted the rolled out dough onto a bit of tinfoil before topping!)

Anyways, the kids loved it.  Another successful disguise-the-vegetables mission.  No photos - by the second round of making the pizzas, everyone was starving and there was no way anyone was going to wait whilst I took pictures.

OCD Hubbie and I had basically the same thing except a bit more grown up.  A shop-bought sheet of puff pastry pricked all over and a 1cm border marked out round the edge, a thin layer of all-the-vegetables-in-the-fridge sauce, some caramelised onions, mushrooms, goats cheese and thyme from the garden.  It was delicious but perhaps a bit oniony according to hubbie.  I’ll cut back on the onions next time.  Have a good week. x