🌼 Spring Sides... to put a bounce in your step!

Spring Sides

While the main dish often takes centre stage, it's made even grander by the sides you choose to serve with it. And with dark winter days filled with slightly boring but necessary carbs behind us, the warmer weather means there's lots of different options for accompaniments.

One of our all-time favourites is this Gently Spiced Carrot Salad. It's filling but refreshingly light at the same time, and so colourful it will brighten the spread of food on any table.

Served alongside other favourites below, these sides are great for a gathering and will be part of our upcoming Easter menu to create a memorable feast.

Mint & Coriander Raita

Mint & Coriander Raita

Tangy and fresh, this Mint & Coriander Raita is a welcome addition to any plate.

Quick Flatbreads

Quick Flatbreads

Watch these Quick Flatbreads disappear, used as a wrap around tasty fillings.

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