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East Lothian - it's beauty and it's awesome producers!

We are so lucky to live in the beautiful county of East Lothian.  The beaches are incredible and the favorite part of my day is taking my dog, Pixie, out for a walk.  This always clears my head and allows me just to 'be' and to be grateful for all that we have and where we live! For a small county, it's quite incredible what is produced here and you can use other amazing East Lothian produce along side our recipes. The Mango and Chilli Chutney from The Spice Witch is the best I have ever tasted; make raita from the amazing yogurt from Yester Dairies.  Quench your thirst with a cider from Thistly Cross, a beer from The Winton Brewery or if gin is your tipple, taste Fidra Gin. Then treat...

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Slow Cooker Curry Tips

Slow Cookers are cheap to buy, economical to run and a great way of making the most out of budget ingredients. Soups, stews and curries especially work well in the slow cooker as they benefit from the slow gentle heat to bring out the flavours.  Slow cookers are also a healthy, low fat and efficient method of cooking. For instance you don't need any oil and you really can just throw all the ingredients in - so minimal time and effort!  Here's our top tips on using a slow cooker for making a Spice Pots curry: Prepare the night before if you can and place all the ingredients in the slow cooker dish and store in the fridge overnight. This acts...

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Store cupboard and Freezer Essentials to ensure quick, no fuss midweek meals

A well-stocked store cupboard and freezer will ensure you can whip up speedy midweek meals with the minimum of effort.  Paired with our store cupboard recipe ideas, you can avoid going shopping during the week when we are all short on time.  Also, brilliant if you get snowed in (as we did last year) or you live in a rural area with limited access to the shops. Store Cupboard Essentials Spice Pots!  If you have the full range, you can cook a huge variety of meals. Korma ·Bhuna ·Goan ·Tandoori Masala ·Sweet Blend Balsamic Vinegar Dijon or wholegrain mustard Soy Sauce Couscous Lentils (red and brown) Rice Tinned chickpeas Tinned tomatoes Coconut Milk Dried noodles Tinned cannelloni / butter beans / kidney...

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