The Royal Highland Show 2016 - Edinburgh

 It's been a while - I've been at the Royal Highland Show - and am only just catching up.

I am lucky enough to live and work in East Lothian and am part of a growing network of food and drink producers from the area. Last week we were at the RHS where we all collectively exhibit under the very supportive umbrella of East Lothian Food and Drink.  I enjoyed the show immensely (apart from the 5.30am starts) - chatting with the other local food and drink business' always gets the creative juices flowing and receiving feedback from the punters gives me a boost!  It can be quite isolating running your own business and so it's great to get out there.

So, I was lucky enough to be sandwiched in between 2 cracking local business' :
Colstoun Cookery School and Mungowells Flour.   

Colstoun Cookery School
I was so inspired by the team at Colstoun.  There was no pretending here - it was quite evident that they all loved their jobs at Colstoun House.  This is a cookery school with a difference - they have their own walled garden, organic farm and full accommodation.    As well as selling delicious jams and jellies all made from produce foraged or grown on their estate ( I was wowed by their heavenly Wild Rose Petal Jelly and Dandelion Marmalade), they were also selling their day courses including a Seasonal Foraging Day, a Bread Making Course, Indian Cookery, Italian Cookery.   They also have a week long Foundation Course - I wish I could go back to being 18 again - I would do this course then cook in chalets, on boats and basically fund travelling around the world whilst earning a crust cooking!

Mungoswells produce flour entirely from wheat grown in East Lothian.  All their products are made from crops grown, harvested, milled and packaged all with 5 miles resulting in quality local produce with unrivaled trace-ability.  The dedication of the farmer Angus and his team was also plain to see.  They have a wide range of flour, both organic and non-organic, to make breads, cakes, pizzas and lots of other lovely things.  Try them out!

The range of food and drink producers in East Lothian is outstanding and these were the other East Lothian Food and Drink Exhibitors:
Quite a range of products all produced in such a small area.  Please support them rather than going to the big supermarkets!  

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