The Summer Holidays

For the first time this year, I was actually quite looking forward to the Summer Holidays with my boys.  It will be lovely. I will do a couple of hours work each morning whilst the boys play quietly and then we'll go for a wholesome family picnic on the beach with our dog.  I breezed into it all quite calmly and without making any plans - we don't need activities, we'll just hang out.  No!  We don't need to go abroad, we will enjoy the beautiful place we live...

Fast forward 5 weeks and 5 days.......

The kids all are in Holiday Club today all day - from 9.00am to 6.00pm. The only reason that they didn't start at 8.00am was that I slept in.  It was fraught getting out of the house (a little reminder of school days) and I shouted more than I spoke in a normal voice.
  • ALFIE -  " Mummy, you're not dressed yet.".

Stuff like that.  

I was REALLY nice to them in the 2 minute car journey on the way to drop them off - hopefully they'll remember the nice Mummy who is in here somewhere.

As for the 'no holiday' idea - well, there's been a bit of a backlash.  Next year we are going to France for 4 weeks - I need TO GET AWAY from the village (I do still love it though btw).

  1. Trying to juggle the biggest order I have ever had in the middle of the school holidays with no childcare.  This involved, amongst many other things, going to collect a 1000 boxes from a factory in Musselburgh.  When we finally arrived (my phone with instructions had run out of juice on the way there), we couldn't get all the boxes in the car what with 3 children, a dog and a boot full of beach stuff.  (Yes, I know I should have emptied the car before I went). We all then had to endure a second trip.
  2. Not being ready for said order and having to ask the driver to have a coffee in the garden whilst I finished packing up the order and simultaneously dealt with 432 requests from the children, all perfectly inter-spaced. You just turn around to resume the thing you were doing and then you've got to be ready for next fact confirmation or request for money; request for sweets; request for pocket money; where are my pants?;the dog has eaten another sock; i've spilt my cereal; what are we doing today?; where's my charger? (that has to be the top ranked question in this house); he's pushing/hitting/biting/kicking me; he's doing the jumping game again ....  you get my drift.
  3. Misplacing 2 sons in Asda whilst trying to buy Gym Shoes.  (I actually think it was quite a worthwhile exercise as when the boys heard the call out, and came running, they looked a bit scared.)  The lady who made the call out at customer services' actually said that I should run whilst I had the chance!

Fun times have been had (lots of card games and poker dice, beach etc).  It's just that after 5 weeks and 5 days, it becomes pretty hard to remember the nice bits and your entire focus becomes what day they return to school.

It's blissfully quiet in the house right now and the boys will be back in 1 hour and 14 minutes.   I feel calm.  These hours of peace will hopefully have restored my Nice Mummy Setting.

New Easy, Family Friendly Recipe Below.

​ Happy Holidays.