Simple Cooking for the ultimate Staycation Holiday

Simple Cooking for the ultimate Staycation Holiday

Staycations are most definitely still on trend! With a desire from people to stay local, support British and keep flights to a minimum, a UK staycation is a popular summer holiday choice. Whether you're in a quaint cottage, camping under the stars or packed into a camper van, it's a good idea to keep cooking simple while still ticking the healthy eating box.

We inevitably have pasta one night we are away (as it's so easy) but here are some other, easy Spice Pots staycation recipes that you can try.  We have taken washing up hassle into consideration, as well as limited kitchen equipment.

Cous Cous and Herbs - ready in 10 minutes.  This is great recipe to have in your armoury as it's so easy, very adaptable and goes with pretty much anything.  Add in any chopped herbs you like.  Uses one pan!   

Chicken or Prawn or Vegetable Skewers - remember skewers if you are cooking on a barbecue but you can just as easily cook these in pan on a camping stove or hob.  Just slice the chicken into thin pieces (rather than in chunks for kebabs).  Delicious served with our Mint and Coriander Raita and a simple salad.

Satay Sauce - this has to be the Spice Pots recipe that I cook the most, especially during the summer.  It is so handy to have in the fridge or freezer (it freezes really well).  Serve over chicken, prawns or vegetables (as above) or it's delicious over pork or halloumi or just on as it's own as a dip!

Carrot Salad - again, a one pot salad which goes with everything!  You will have to remember to take a little pot of cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric and lemon juice.  Remember a grater too!

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry - I made this in our camper van frequently - the sweet potatoes were cooked separately before starting the main curry and the pan then re-sued.  So, again, one pot to limit the washing up!

Simple Daal - one pot, absolutely delicious and very warming on fresher camping evenings.  Scoop it up with breads.

Chicken Korma Express - one pot and ready in 30 minutes.  Serve with breads if you don't have another burner to do rice.

My husband says that I treated our camper van like a little Wendy house!  I revel in the simplicity of it all and get immersed in the simple task of cooking, without being distracted by a zillion other jobs.  It's the same zoned-out (or tuned in) feeling as looking for shells, or collecting wood for a fire.

For the easiest cooking experience possible, get organised before you go rather than spending your holiday searching for unlikely ingredients!

For the one pot curries, you will need:
Spice Pots
Tins tomatoes
Tins coconut milk
Stock cubes
Veg or chicken

Additional ingredients for the skewers:
Natural yoghurt
Lemon / lime juice

Specialist ingredients (take them with you):
Cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, sugar (for the carrot salad and satay sauce)

Spice Pots!

I hope you have a lovely holiday, wherever you are going!

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  • Jaki Burns

    Love it, love it. Order quickly received, everything very well presented. The dishes in the recipe book look delicious and are easy to make. Tried some already. Thanks.

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