Get ahead this Christmas - follow The Batch Lady’s top 5 tips for batch cooking

Get ahead this Christmas - follow The Batch Lady’s top 5 tips for batch cooking

If you are a working Mum or just want to get ahead and get organised over the busy Christmas season, we've teamed up with the Batch Lady to make Christmas a little less stressful.  Follow her top tips below and you will breeze through those extra meals at Christmas.

The Batch Lady’s top 5 tips for batch cooking.

  1. Make your freezer your friend! Clear it out and make space for full meals that you can grab at a moments notice. Using your freezer will save you masses of time - cook when you want instead of every night!
  2. If new to Batch cooking simply follow the rule ‘If you’re going to make 1 make 2’ doubling up will give you one for that night and one for the freezer, giving you a whole night off cooking the next week.
  3. Use frozen veg and herbs, these save time and money and are perfect for adding into curries.
  4. Get used to using seal-able freezer bags, and freeze everything flat, you get so much more in your freezer and the meals then defrost really quickly.
  5. Always batch curry as they are so easy to make in large quantities and I always think they taste better batched.

I set up The Batch Lady one year ago, after numerous Mums at the school gates kept asking how I was always so organised for meal times. In aid of charity, I invited 25 Mums to my house and showed them how over the years I had got into batch cooking and could generally, cook 10 family meals in 1 hour and freeze them, thus not having to cook all week. One lady suggested I film it and put it on YouTube, so I did, and here we are 1 year later with 45,000 followers on social media and on my website.

The Batch Lady method is all about making fast, simple and portion-controlled meals in under 10 minutes. By spending an hour, one day per week, cooking meals that have the same basic ingredients, you can prepare a host of varied, healthy and delicious dishes, which you can pop into the freezer until you need them. It's a total lifesaver for working Mums.

I got into Spice pots because they were the perfect store cupboard ingredient for making great tasting meals that were easily freezable. I have collaborated on lots of Spice Pots videos with founder Mel, and we are about to film a second series on vegetarian batch cooking due out in January on

 Follow Suzanne if you want to stock up your freezer with healthy, family meals this winter!

Suzanne Mulholland


Thanks to Suzanne for these top tips!   See below for some easy Spice Pots recipes that are quick and easy to make and batch well:

Lamb Bhuna - simple and delicious and even better after freezing!

Lazy Vegetable Bhuna - quick, easy and delicious.

Roast Vegetable Soup - a lovely light meal when you've had enough of feeling bloated!

Sweet Spice Carrot Cake - perfect for unexpected visitors

Fruit Loaf - a lovely alternative to Christmas cake for teatime

 Happy Cooking!

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