Beer & Curry Pairings for National Beer Day

Beer & Curry Pairings for National Beer Day

Ever wondered what to drink with spicy food? There really is nothing like a cold beer and a flavoursome curry! But you don’t have to be in India or Brick Lane to have this fabulous combo. Spice Pots is the perfect ingredient to kick your homemade curries up a notch and these Scottish beer pairings make for a great night.

1. Prawn Korma with Pilot’s Leith Lager

This Prawn Korma is a quick and healthy curry that pairs well with a lighter beer like a lager. Fish curries use lighter flavours (like Korma), so Leith Lager is a perfect choice because it won’t overpower this delicate prawn curry.

2. Bhuna Butter Chicken with Skye Blonde

This is one of my favourite recipes and it’s even more enjoyable alongside a bottle of Skye Blonde. With the Butter Chicken being another light recipe, it means the light beer won’t become flavourless. This is a good recipe to prepare in advance if you are entertaining - start it the day before then it's easy to put together on the day.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala / Cauliflower Tikka Masala with Barney’s Volcano IPA

The richer the meal the less flavoursome the beer becomes, but an IPA stands out against the rich, creamy sauce of a Tikka Masala. For IPA’s you don’t want anything too spicy because chilli increases the bitterness of the hops, so this yummy, fakeaway recipe is ideal.

4. Goan Chicken Curry with Lentils with Six Degree’s North’s Wanderlust

For spicy dishes, wheat beers work really well. Wanderlust is balanced and refreshing, and Goan is the hottest of our spices, so these 2 belong together! This curry is a good all rounder because it can be tailored to different spice levels and you can adjust the chicken/lentil proportions to suit you.

5. Lamb Bhuna Curry with Stewart Brewing’s St Giles

Amber or brown ales are good for heavier dishes like this Lamb Bhuna Curry, so a Stewart Brewing St Giles is a great match. The chocolate malt goes really well with spice and will make your Lamb Bhuna even more enjoyable.

You can buy all of our spices for a great night in here, or why not start with our popular Curry Night Kit?

Happy Beer Day!

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