Grating made simple!

Ginger and garlic grater

We love sharing our latest hacks to make life easier ~ introducing the new must-have kitchen tool! Our new Garlic & Ginger Grater will make quick work of prepping for your kitchen creations.

Rub ginger & garlic in a circular motion on the raised teeth and watch it turn to a fine paste in front of your eyes ~ ready to use in minutes and so simple!

Insider tips

To make life even easier, crush garlic cloves under a knife to remove the skin and use a teaspoon to quickly remove skin off ginger.

You can also keep fresh ginger in the freezer, which means you can skip the skin peeling step and simply grate! Frozen ginger is approximately one million times easier to grate 😊 And, while you're on a roll with the grating, why not do a big batch and freeze it in ice-cube trays?!

Just a few simple tips saves time and gets you one step closer to enjoying that delicious curry.

YouTube Video

Head over to our YouTube channel to see for yourself just how easy this grater is to use.

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