India | Kids | The Journey of Spice Pots

India | Kids | The Journey of Spice Pots

My name is Melanie Auld and I am the Founder of Spice Pots. I often get asked why Spice Pots?  Well it all started back in 1993 when I went on a life changing trip to India. I worked in an orphanage in Madras for 3 months and then travelled all over India, eating my way around the country!  

I returned to the UK when I was 19 and although there were a few years at university where I ate nothing but pasta, pizza and peanut butter sandwiches, when I moved to my first little flat, I began to cook the dishes that I had loved in India; the curry and the street food.

I had learned to cook curry the proper (and very time consuming) way!  Roasting whole spices, grinding them and then adding other whole spices to perfectly balanced dishes.  I loved this, when I had the time. However, in 2006 we moved to a very isolated (but beautiful) house on the West Coast of Scotland and had 3 sons in 3 years!!  No supermarkets delivered here so I used to make a special trip to the supermarket once a week, with 3 kids under 3. It was fairly taxing as you can probably imagine. During this time, I decided I needed a shortcut if I was going to continue to cook homemade curry.

I asked Mr Spice Pots to batch blend my favorite spice combinations.  It worked a treat! I soon started giving the blends and little recipe cards to my friends and family. Eventually, in 2014, when my youngest son started school, I decided to launch it as a business. And then came Spice Pots.

We have come along way since we launched.  I cringe a little bit when I look at the first branding but it’s all part of the journey!

My goal has remained the same; to give busy people the tools (the blends and recipes) to create simple, delicious family food.

I hope Spice Pots will make your weekly cooking just a little bit easier.  

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