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Freezer Friendly Recipes from Spice Pots

Make your freezer your friend!  Freezing food is a brilliant way to get organised for when things get busy!  Christmas can be a little overwhelming so why not start batch cooking so that your freezer is organised and well stocked with goodies for when those guests descend!    From curry, to cakes, to flat bread dough and easy satay sauce, we've rounded up our favorite recipes for the freezer.

Freezing curry is a great option if you want to get organised for an event or just to have a mid-week meal all ready to go.  It doesn't take much longer to cook a curry for 12 rather than 6, so get ahead and batch cook that curry!  When things get busy, you will feel so good when you realise that you have at least one meal ticked off the list already!  And another bonus of freezing your curry is that spices and garlic will intensify in flavour after being frozen.

Top Tips for Freezing Curry
  • Ensure it cools to room temperature before you store in the freezer.  Decant into smaller portions to help it cool quicker. Cool and get into the freezer within 2 hours to avoid any bacteria gathering.  
  • Wrap it up well - choose a freezer bag or plastic container with a lid to avoid freezer burn.  Freezer bags are are a great option if you are short on space as you can freeze them flat which also means that they defrost much more quickly once removed from the freezer.  You can re-use freezer bags after washing, although they are likely to stain.
  • Avoid freezing curry that contains potatoes - they don't freeze well and can go grainy.
  • Freeze in portion sizes that suit your household.
  • Label your food!  Hands up who has been caught out with defrosting chocolate icing thinking it was bolognaise?!
  • Eat within 3 months for the best flavour for meat curries or 2 months for vegetable curries.  The vegetables can turn mushy if frozen for too long.
  • For best results, defrost your curry in the fridge overnight although you can defrost more quickly at room temperature or use the microwave to speed things along.
  • Ensure your curry is piping hot after reheating.
  • Add final ingredients and garnishes after re-heating - for example spinach and coriander

Curry Recipes for the Freezer

Here are some tried and tested winner freezer curries:
Lamb Curry - Lamb Bhuna
Beef Curry - Goan Beef Curry
Lentil Curry - Korma Lentil Daal Curry
Chicken Curry - Quick Chicken Korma Curry
Vegetable Curry - Mushroom, Chickpea and Spinach Curry



Freezing cakes makes a lot of sense if you are planning to welcome visitors or even if you are not, have a cake all ready in the freezer for those unexpected guests.  During the cold, dark months of the winter, there is something so lovely and comforting about a cup of tea and a piece of cake mid-afternoon.   Or alternatively, jazz up these cakes up and serve with fruit and ice cream for an easy dessert.

Top Tips for Freezing Cakes

  • Cool completely before wrapping up and freezing
  • Freeze before adding icing or decoration - cakes are likely to contract and expand whilst in the freezer so your efforts may be ruined
  • Ensure that they are really well wrapped up.  We suggest a couple of rounds of cling film (or reusable freezer bags) with aluminium foil over the top for extra protection.
  • Defrost in the fridge, with the wrapping still on, for 24 hours before decorating and serving.

Cake Recipes for the Freezer

Our Sweet Spice blend adds the next level of taste to simple cakes.  Here are some of our favorite cake recipes for the freezer:

Carrot Cake Loaf

Fruit Loaf

Easy Apple Cake

Pumpkin Spice Cake



Satay Sauce
Our easy, no chop, recipe for Satay Sauce recipe makes a large batch and is perfect for freezing.  Use this satay sauce as a dip, over grilled meats or vegetables, in stir fries or as a marinade. 

Easy Flatbreads
Make the dough ahead and freeze, uncooked, in small containers ready to whip out and defrost as a delicious accompaniment for your next curry.

Ginger and Garlic Paste
Batch cook this easy ginger and garlic paste and freeze in ice cube trays.  Your curry prep will be so much quicker with this all ready to go!


If you are looking for other cooking tips to make life easier in the kitchen, check out our other blogs posts covering slow cooker recipes, what to keep in your store cupboard and freezer, how to make a better homemade curry and cooking for a crowd.


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