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Lentil Curry with SmartPoints from WeightWatchers

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** Please note that the WW shop has now closed but you can find curry recipe booklets with WW smartpoints here. **

We are delighted that we have partnered with WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Our perfectly balanced spice blends are now available on their website and will help you on your healthy eating mission.  Tasty, healthy curry at home is so simple to create with our 100% natural curry powder and simple recipes now with SmartPoints from Weight Watchers.  

Try our Curry Night Kit or Vegan Curry Kit - both contain a SmartPoints®-friendly recipe book to get you started but be sure to order from Weight Watchers for the SmartPoint curry recipes.

The Curry Night Kit includes a recipe for a healthy chicken Korma curry and other healthy dinner ideas including Chicken Tikka Masala, Goan Fish Curry, Lamb Bhuna, Goan Lentil and Chicken Curry, Prawn Korma, Goan Beef Curry and Butter Chicken.  

The Vegan Curry Kit has 8 healthy vegan recipes including the following: Goan Lentil Daal, Tandoori Masala Mushroom, Pea and Spinach Curry, Cauliflower Tikka Masala, Lazy Vegetable Bhuna, Vegetable Kebabs with Satay Sauce, Vegetable Pakoras, Aloo Ki Tikki (spiced potato patties) and Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry.  

Balanced meals which are very tasty don't need to be complicated!  We are all about keeping it simple so that you can fit good eating into your busy life.   We can even help with healthy BBQ dinner ideas too. 

Head over to WW to shop our BBQ Spice Kit which includes a SmartPoints®-friendly recipe book to get you started.

Good food for health doesn't need to be boring or tasteless, even at your next al fresco BBQ dining experience.   Check out these healthy BBQ recipes, with SmartPoints (only available from WW): Lamb Burgers, Vegetable Kebabs with Satay Sauce, Tandoori Masala Chicken Skewers, Simple Marinade for meats or vegetables, BBQ Cauliflower Steaks, Marinated Prawn Skewers, Tomato and Lentil Salad, Gently Spiced Potato Salad.

(SmartPoint recipe booklets only available as part of the curry kits available from WW website).

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars
Best thing I’ve bought from WW!
My husband and I love the spice pots. We have now bought our third set. We both enjoy a curry but with lockdown and trying to lose weight, a takeaway really wasn’t an option. Then I saw the spice pots collections on the WW website so we decided to give them a try. With the recipe book tucked inside the box, you have an immediate choice of 8 different curries to try. The recipes are easy to follow and already have the points value worked out for you. I’m on purple and have found at least 3 in the book that are only 2 points which is great. You can also find other recipes on the Spice Pots website, but you have to work out the points values for those yourself. If you want more heat in your curry, add some chilli pepper, less heat, use less of the spice pot. What’s not to like? We don’t use so much of the korma spice as the recipe requires coconut milk which pushes up the points value but I found a korma recipe on the website that worked out at 2 points. If you like a curry, I can’t recommend these highly enough.

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