Is yogurt possibly the best curry accompaniment?

Is yogurt possibly the best curry accompaniment?

Curry. It’s the nation’s favourite food - apparently. But when it comes to which dish you would choose when you’re faced with the many options on the menu, it seems there are only two types of people in this world.

On one side of the table, you’ve got those in the korma loving camp. These are the people that spend a good 10 minutes looking through the menu, umm’ing and ahh’ing over every possible option, only to end up going for a korma… again. The more adventurous amongst this group might opt for a tasty tikka masala, but you can bet your bottom rupee that each week, they’re dish will be the same.

Then, on the opposite side of the table sits the serious spice lovers. These are the people that need to prove just how much spice the can handle, usually by ordering the hottest dish on the menu much to the amusement of the party. Amongst this group usually sits those who are up for a surprise and like to order something they’ve not tried before - as long as it’s super spicy.

But what happens when you realise you just can’t handle the spice?

Well luckily, as well as inspiring delicious meals, we’ve got a solution for that. In Indian cooking, raita is used to cool the palate. Made predominantly from yogurt, raita is a creamy Indian side or accompaniment that is delicious with pretty much any curry dish. It’s super simple to make as well: just mix a large dollop of thick natural yogurt with a little tamarind paste, chopped coriander and mint, and add a sprinkle of sugar and salt to taste. You can even get creative and try out your own combination of added spices like garlic, ginger or garam masala.

And because it tastes so good with every curry dish, it doesn’t matter which side of the table you’re sat on, adding yogurt or raita will be a delicious accompaniment to any and every meal, no matter the heat! So next time you’re being teased for ordering a korma, or being giggled at for trying the hottest dish on the menu, grab yourself some raita - it’s quite possibly the best curry accompaniment.

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