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What is the best curry kit in the UK? (Reviews / Ratings)

Each year, our team at Spice Pots chat with hundreds of customers, online and in person, about what they are looking for in a curry kit or spice set and we do our very best to help them find the right spice mixes, curry kits or curry hamper gift that fits their needs.  But sometimes, our products are simply not a good fit for a customer—be it flavours, heat levels, recipes, product use, budget or other needs that we simply can’t meet.

Because of this fact, many times over the years, customers have asked us to give our reviews and ratings of other curry kit providers based in the UK.  As you might expect, this is a hard question to answer, mainly because each company is wholly unique in their approach and what they offer to customers.  

This being said, if we were to mention some of the best curry kit providers in the UK that offer great products, our list (in no particular order) would be:


All their curry kits are 100% natural, gluten-free, dairy free, low calorie and vegan.  The Tastesmiths team are passionate about sourcing fresh ingredients to provide authentic taste without compromising on quality and minimising waste.

The Spicery

The Spicery offer a variety of spice mixes, including The Curry Legend Blends, as well as a range of recipe kit subscriptions. They have been around since at least 2006 and are based in the Bristol area. 

Bang Curry

Bang Curry offer food hamper gifts and curry kits.  They bring together favourite ingredients with their award winning kits to conjure up authentic curry dishes. They also offer Gift Boxes and Curry Bundles.

Scotia Spice

Scotia Spice offer authentic Indian Curry Kits and Spice Kits. Combining authentic recipes with natural ingredients and spices.  They have a range of curry gift kits and are based in Scotland.

Boom Kitchen

Boom Kitchen recipe kits have been crafted with care to help you create healthy and vibrant dishes from scratch in under 30 minutes. With a range of Curry Kit Starter Boxes on offer.


Spicentice offer spice recipe kits to cook delicious low-calorie meals using easy recipe kits and weight loss recipes. They also make award-winning rubs.


Although we could certainly mention many more curry kits and spice gift sets in the UK, this list of 6 deserved mentioning, especially if you find our spice blends, recipes and curry kits don’t fit your needs and are thus looking for whole spices or individual spices.  We hope this will help you make your decision on the curry kit option that fits your needs the best.

Any questions, please get in touch and we love to help.

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