Let's talk about... Ginger

Let's talk about... Ginger

Ginger is a pretty essential ingredient to our curries - it's strong, it's spicy... it's gingery! But we've all felt that slightly sinking feeling when a recipe calls for a good few tablespoons of it - it just seems like a bit of a laborious task to get it prepped and ready to use.

Well if the ginger in a recipe is holding you back, we'll let you in on some quick secrets to get it back in your good books.

#1 As soon as you buy it, pop your ginger in tupperware and get it into the freezer. It will keep it super fresh for longer and make it an absolutely breeze to grate. You might find it easier to chop it into some chunks before freezing it - roughly 4cm chunks is a good amount for many recipes.

#2 Whenever you need it, just grab the ginger out of the freezer, rub along a fine grater* and voila! No need to peel the ginger, no need to battle with the weird knobbly bits - just super fine, fiery, fresh ginger all ready to make your curry the best it can be.

* Any fine grater will do, but we have a soft spot for a narrow microplane

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