Meal Planning

Meal Planning
If there's one thing that makes our week ahead go more smoothly, it's sitting down for 10 minutes at the weekend to plan our meals ahead and stock the fridge up in advance of the busy coming weekdays.

There's a few key steps to good meal planning which keep the process quick and the outcome effective! Here are our top tips:

#1 / A list of favourite recipes is handy ~ easy & quick ones, some that can be stretched as leftovers in the freezer and enough that you can rotate the list every couple of weeks so you don't get bored.

#2 / Do a quick stock-take ~ find out what's in your fridge, freezer and cupboards

#3 / Write out the menu for the week ahead ~ we try to have something from the freezer or that's super easy at the start of the week, and leave the more exciting food for later in the week as a treat. You can write down lunch ideas too of course!

#4 / Groceries & weekly shop ~ start to write your shopping list! Armed with the menu for the week and what we already have, I start to write down what we need to buy. I also start with what we need for everyday things... what's needed for breakfast, endless cups of tea and lunchtime staples, like bread & an easy filling.

And ~ although we are of course a little biased ~ it's no surprise that Spice Pots features heavily in our weekly menu!

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