Mental Health Awareness Month · How tiny changes can reap huge rewards


When a grain of sand recently got lodged in the silent button of my phone, making me permanently available and distracted with constant pinging, I realised even more keenly how much I value silence and peace.   

I used to be very easily flustered if constantly surrounded by noise / people / demands - a tricky thing, perhaps, for a Mum of 3 noisy boys and a business owner.  However, I've recently discovered that I can collect myself quietly even during the busiest and noisiest of days and this skill has given me much peace and happiness.

In our busy lives, we give so little time to the Chief Operator (i.e you).  A strange thing because as Chief Operator, how you show up in every situation, every decision you make, every action you take will determine how your day will be.   If we take some time for ourselves, just a little bit, every day, the calmness you gain allows clarity and focus and a feeling of gliding through life rather than wading.

So, what I have discovered is that even if you think you are the busiest person in the world, you do have the time to take 10 minutes, a couple of times a day, to relax, check in with yourself, appreciate all you have in your life and give some thought to where you want to go.

You are the most important person.  When you feel calm, happy and collected, everyone around you benefits.  When we are stressed, we often make poor decisions and are less fun to be around.  The jobs list doesn't get any smaller when you are calm, but the list is easier to get through and you do it better.  

When I took up meditation a year ago, a keen beginner, I wanted to talk about it's benefits with anyone who would listen (not many as it turns out).   

The number 1 response I got was along the lines of 'I've tried but I can't do it'.  The number 2 response was 'I don't have time'.

My responses:

1. I couldn't do it either at the beginning

2. Yes you do

20 minutes a day of zoning in will not solve all, but it's a start.  Tiny changes reap huge rewards.

A little bit of stillness and calmness every day, (and a phone permanently on silent) will slow you down, allow you to appreciate today and help you to become a better Chief Operator.  And everyone who you come into contact with will also benefit.  Win Win.


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