The Story of Spice Pots

The Story of Spice Pots


Spice Pots was founded by Melanie Auld, who has always has a passion for cooking. Her love for superb home-cooked curries was inspired by a life-changing trip to India in 1993, and since then, Melanie strived to perfect her home-cooked recipes.

In 2013, Melanie launched Spice Pots from her kitchen in East Lothian, and since then Spice Pots has grown and grown - and now anyone can now make her signature curries without the hassle, long ingredient lists or complicated recipes.

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find the time to make a home-cooked meal. Between juggling children; work; exercising; and socialising, convenience and processed foods on the go have made sitting around the dinner table for a tasty meal a thing of the past. Each year on the 7th April, the UK celebrates National Homemade Day, and so this got Spice Pots thinking about the story behind our brand and how we want to help bring the art of home-cooking back to the UK’s kitchens

Our Spice Pots have been created so that all you have to do is pick whichever pot takes your fancy, then add a few ingredients to make a filling and delicious curry based meal! But Spice Pots don’t just limit you to curries. Just take a look at our recipes page or pick yourself up a copy of our recipe book.

Each aromatic pot is hand-filled in Scotland and contains only the finest spices  - no fillers, no nasties. The pots are also gluten free and contain no sugar or salt so they are as healthy as they are tasty.

So, don’t wait, why not pick a pot now - lay the table and make a meal we guarantee the whole family will love!

Happy cooking!


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