Spice Pots top 6 easy curry recipes made in 30 minutes or less

6 Quick Curry Recipes - 30 minutes or less

We are on a mission to take the hassle out of making a curry and with these 6 simple curry recipes, you'll be able to enjoy tasty curry even on the busiest of week nights.  We recommend getting your store cupboard and freezer stocked with a few basics to make cooking during the week as simple as possible.   

Prawn Korma Curry

This is such an easy and tasty recipe.  You can use fresh or frozen prawns.  This will become a family favorite.

Lazy Vegetable Bhuna Curry

A recipe for when you really don't feel like cooking!  Using frozen vegetables and with virtually no chopping, stock up your freezer with the ingredients so that you always have a back up plan when you are feeling lazy!

Goan Fish Curry

Simple enough for a mid week meal yet special enough to knock the socks off your dinner party guests!   This is our award winning recipe but it's oh-so simple.  Adjust the spice levels to suit your household.

Chicken Korma Curry - the quick version

We love this as an alternative to our Original Chicken Korma Recipe which takes a bit more effort.  This is great as a family dinner as the kids will love it too.  Simply add fresh chillies if you prefer your curry to have a bit more of a kick!

Tandoori Masala Mushroom, Pea and Spinach Curry

A rich, creamy and very easy curry using mushrooms that pair perfectly with our Tandoori Masala blend. The mixture of chestnut and Portobello mushrooms gives the curry a real depth and a lovely 'meaty' texture. We've added peas and spinach to this recipe or you could use chickpeas too. 

Goan Lentil Daal. We love this as a simple meal served with hot buttered toast! Comfort food at it's very best.

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