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Christmas Gift Wrapping

That unmistakable feeling of buyers regret. A knot in your stomach, as your wrapped present is opened and your friend's best poker face just can't hide their disappointment. There's a bit of an art to gift buying and it can be a minefield where a chosen gift can either evoke a gleeful grin or a polite grimace. Well, Spice Pots are here to turn that shopping frown upside down with gifts to tick off any boxes and make you a winner in the gifting game.

The token gift

It's the gift you feel you HAVE to buy. The work Secret Santa draw; the slightly bristly neighbour who drops off their prized preserves; the kids drama teacher; or that friend who you've grown apart from but it would be awkward if you didn't give them something. Our little colourful pots will brighten up their day and look epic as a surprise doorstep delivery or a little stocking filler. And with a price tag of £3.95, it's a no-brainer present. So go on... give the gift of faster, tastier home-cooked meals. Buy one of our Single Pots

Spice Pots single pots

The health conscious gift

Curry Night Kit

We all have that friend. The one who posts a selfie of their early morning Crossfit class or subtly (but at the same time, obviously!) never partakes in the basket of chips ordered after a few rounds of drinks. We mock them a bit, winding them up, but secretly we're impressed and jealous of their willpower and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. God damn them, they always look so good too – glowing skin and all that! If there's one thing their life must be missing, it's a good old Friday night curry. So whatever lifestyle they're following - vegan, keto, gluten-free, low fodmap, Slimming World or Weight Watchers – be an awesome friend and introduce them to our spice blends. There's no gluten, no sugar, no salt and no dairy... just flavour by the bucket load. Visit our Curry Kit collection

The “blow them away” gift

Luxury Gift Tin

It's the present you actually look forward to buying. You've always given each other brilliant presents, each year it's an exciting challenge to one-up each other and aim to impress even more. So welcome to foodie gift heaven! The savoury spice blends have any meal covered, from curries to salads to stir-frys; the Sweet Spice take the keen baker's creations to the next level; the candle smells lush and luxurious; and the cookbook will have them whipping up a storm and channelling their inner Nigella to visit their fridge for late-night tempting leftovers. More details about our Luxury Gift Tin

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