Allergen Info

Spice Pots blends do not contain nuts but please see the detailed information below which explains how the ingredients are handled at the place of manufacture. 

The information displayed refers to our Bhuna curry spice which contains the allergen Mustard Seeds. All our other spice blends contain no allergens.  

Allergen Information

Present in product

Handled on Line

Handled by supplier

Cereals - Wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut No Yes Yes
Crustacean/Mollusc No No No
Eggs and products thereof No No No
Fish and products thereof No No No
Soya and products thereof No No Yes
Milk & Dairy and products thereof including lactose No No Yes
Celery and products thereof No Yes Yes
Mustard and products thereof Yes Yes Yes
Lupin and products thereof No No No
Sesame and products thereof No Yes Yes
Nuts and products thereof No No Yes
Peanuts and products thereof No No Yes
Products containing Sulphur dioxide and sulphites > 10mg/kg No Yes Yes

Allergen Statement

Where products are indicated as not having an allergen present this refers to the product not being formulated or wholly derived from the particular ingredient. Allergen handling policies and procedures are in place through the supply chain to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination from allergens however this cannot be guaranteed

Unless otherwise stated in the table above products are supplied, to the best of our knowledge, free from nuts and nut derivatives. Nut products are handled by our supplier and careful nut handling procedures and practices are in place. Due diligence checks of the supply chain are in place, however due to the nature of the products supplied it is not possible for the company to guarantee that no cross contamination has taken place at some point in the supply chain prior to delivery to our premises.