Linlithgow Gin Kit

Linlithgow Gin Kit

Who knew that the hardest part of being an adult was deciding what to have for dinner every night? We've teamed up with Scottish company Linlithgow Gin, to bring you the perfect Saturday night in with our gin and curry kit!

The kit gives you 4 delicious curry and gin pairings:

  • Yuzu + Korma
  • Lime + Bhuna
  • Raspberry + Tandoori Masala
  • Coconut + Goan

This inspired food and drink combo makes gift buying a breeze! If you’re looking to add colour back into people’s lives, this gift is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Whether it’s for a seasoned cook or a newbie looking for inspiration in the kitchen, our Gin + Curry Night Kit makes a useful, beautifully packaged and delicious gift.

Not shopping for a gift? The kit would also be a great idea to spice up (pun intended) your midweek meals or even as a fun date night idea!

Our Curry Night Kit includes 40g pots:

  • Korma Blend - Mild but packs a flavour punch (add chilli for heat)
  • Bhuna Blend - A beautiful balance of flavour and medium spice
  • Tandoori Masala Blend - Medium in heat and super versatile
  • Goan Blend - Award-winning and the hottest in our range
  • A recipe booklet containing 8 tasty curry recipes which are simple enough for a mid-week dinner, but special enough to impress dinner guests.

Your matching Gin Selection includes 50ml miniatures:

  • Yellow – Yuzu (garnish with pink grapefruit)
  • Green – Lime (garnish with fresh lime)
  • Pink – Raspberry (garnish with fresh raspberries)
  • Blue – Coconut (garnish with lime or pineapple if you want some tropical sunshine)
  • 2 x Fever-Tree Premium Tonic

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