Spring Forward to a New You: Our Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Spring Forward to a New You: Our Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Spring Forward to a New You: Our Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

We have officially entered spring - it’s that time of year again when the weather is starts to warm up, flowers begin to bloom and summer seems like it's just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to bust open the windows, get the feather duster out and freshen up our homes!

Don’t know where to start? Lucky for you we have put together a fool-proof list to help you de-clutter, and give your kitchen a good freshen up - get your rubber gloves ready!

1. Get Rid of the Out of Dates! - We all stock up on tins of hearty soup and baked beans over the winter, but do we ever actually eat them? Probably not. Well, now’s the time to pull out the cupboard stores and get rid of the out-of-dates. 

2. Food Bank – Found any tins or cupboard essentials you don’t want? Why not pop them down to the local food bank. Your nearest one can be found by here.

3. De-Clutter – Have your kitchen cupboards and surfaces become cluttered? Full of left over Christmas chocolates, half-eaten boxes of biscuits and bottles of Bailey's? Well, now’s the time to throw out the clutter, get the anti-bacterial wipes out and give everything a good clean. 

4. Clear out the Junk Draw! – We all have one, the draw that’s home to everything that doesn’t belong anywhere. Most of us probably don’t even know what’s in the draw! It’s time to pull it all out and get rid of what you don’t need.

5. Kick Start your Healthy Eating – Whose New Years Resolution was to lose weight, to go to the gym more, or to get healthier? Officially, almost 50% of us said we would do one of these things. But did any of us stick to it? Probably not. Now’s the time to kick start your ‘New Year, New Me’ resolution. Why not keep some Spice Pots in your newly cleaned cupboards, and make a healthy curry using one of our recipes?

6. Clean! – When’s the last time you cleaned your cupboards, or your fridge for that matter? It’s time to get the antibacterial spray out and clean, clean, clean!

7. Washing Machine and Dishwasher – If you're anything like us, we never really think about cleaning the dishwasher or washing machine too often. But for the amount of work they do, they should really get a good clean too. Just pop to your local shop to pick up a cleaner and descaler to clean and freshen them both up.

8. Time to Clean the Oven - The one we all dread – cleaning the oven. Winter is over, the hotpots, casseroles and stews are a thought of the past and so it’s time to give the oven a good scrub. 


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