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Lovely flavours and aromas and great recipes.

To date, I have only used the Goan Mix. I bought their recipe book and there are lots of great recipes. I’m looking forward to using the Spice Pots and will be purchasing refills.

I should have bought one of these years ago.

The garlic grater is a must-have kitchen tool for any home cook who loves to add fresh garlic to their dishes. This small but mighty grater is designed to finely mince garlic cloves into a paste-like consistency, which is perfect for adding to sauces, marinades, and dressings.

The garlic grater is made of stainless steel with small, sharp teeth that made quick work of mincing garlic. It was also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The compact size of the grater made it easy to store in a kitchen drawer.

One of the best things about using a garlic grater is that it releases the full flavor and aroma of the garlic, which enhances the taste of any dish. Plus, the finely minced garlic is much easier to incorporate evenly into a recipe than larger garlic pieces.

Overall, I highly recommend the garlic grater for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh garlic. It's a simple yet effective tool that will make a big difference in the flavor of your dishes.

Big v little

A very good size when you are cooking for 6 ,you get two full,Hot,curries per tin .

Spice kit gift

I bought a spice kit and cook book a while ago and I’ve loved it since I got it, a friend did me a favour recently and I knew he liked a curry so I got the kit and cook book as a gift , him and his wife were over the moon to receive it and couldn’t wait to get started as they both love curry.

Spice Pots Refills
John Elliott

Tried a Beef Bhoona. Very simple following recipe. Enjoyed taste and after taste. Only down side too mild for my palate but will rectify next time. 5 Star


Prompt delivery and excellent service.
Spice pots are great to use.

Best Little Secret

This is my new best little secret! The mix is just perfect and the smell just makes your mouth water.

Love these wee pots

Having had difficulty purchasing these locally, I found out I could order them on line.
To then get them with some recipe cards was an added bonus, I am very happy.

Spice Pots Refills
Rachael Hodgetts
Spiced up my life!

I bought my husband a gift set for last year's birthday and he loved it and cooked up some wonderful dishes. This year I topped some of the tins up with refill packs but noticed that the sweet spices had not been used, so he has given permission for me to try the carrot cake recipe provided in the lovely book.

Nice bit of kit

Really useful kitchen tool and takes all the hassle out of grating ginger - no mean feat!

Just the best curry spice mix there is!

Love this particular combo of spices and it’s my go to mix now. Couldn’t imagine my store cupboard without it

Garlic and Ginger Grater
Kathleen Bisset
Grater did not work for us

Grating was a slow laborious process and it was difficult (impossible ) to detach the scant results from the grating.

Given the sales verbiage, we are very disappointed.


Love the pots

I have been subscribing to your pots for a few years now, and actually don’t have anything better to say than I did before…… They are absolutely brilliant and I use them all the time … I have passed them on to my friends, and I really don’t think I can do much more except keep buying😂

A brilliant addition to my larder!

I have used spice pots for well over two years and have never been disappointed with the spices, the recipe book or the service offered by the firm. If you like spicy food they are a must. Thank you for your cooking inspiration.

Good rec[pes and easy to follow

Found recipes easy to follow and understand , very good value for money, and find it easy to order new spices when on offer.

Goan curry powder

Love this curry powder and so does the family so easy to make and delicious

Delicious curry

I bought this for my friend as she thinks curry making is too fussy. I have used these spices many times and the convenience of having the different spice blends together with the recipe book is so handy. Dinner is ready in no time!
My neighbour was suitably impressed so ‘brownie points’ for me. Liz

Spice Pots Refills
Donald Newman

I am still waiting for delivery of my order so I will wait until I receive it before making judgement.

Spice refills

The refills are a fantastic idea to save waste and it has the sweet spice to try , shortbread tasting soon.
Thanks for my birthday gift

Birthday present to spread the word

Fantastic find , all my family are being introduced to this tasty world of spice

Good spice

A great addition to the spice pots. A good combination of recipes to suit all tastes. Can't wait to get cooking.

Great gadget

Such a neat little grater. Love that the sides contain everything and grated bits slide off easily.

Little pot of delight

Love this to make a delicious fish curry. So easy!

Love these little pots, so many uses and always great recipes from the company. Makes having a curry so easy.

The best by far

We use one of these candles in our large kitchen, especially after cooking salmon in the air fryer. These are the only ‘cooks candles’ we have used that actually work and eliminate odours. There are cheaper candles on the market but they are a false economy. These candles do their job very effectively and with a pleasant scent.