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Morning Spice

Great addition to morning porridge - got our first pot in a Christmas pack and it’s been used practically every day at breakfast since. Running low so had to replace as it’s a firm hit!

Happy Family

I bought a spice pot from a farm shop and loved the idea of it as I have a cupboard full of different spices and herbs. Looked online and got a set with the cook book and Ive tried about 5 or 6 different recipes and all of them have been a hit. We love them and I’ve ordered more. Great idea

Very Authentic

Great service and so easy to make your own fake away. Will be adding some more spices to my collection for sure

Speedy delivery and tasty Curries with easy recipes!

Highly recommend

A Little Bit Of Spice

I’ve tried two of the spice jars so far and they were delightful. I shall be making more orders.

Spice Pots Refills
Alison Smith

Yet again great delivery. I love the fact that I can get the packets and keep the tins to pit them in. They make every curry special i have the recipe book an they are easy to follow. I also did the fruit cake for Christmas and it was fantastic didn't last very long though. thank you 😊 xx


Really glad refills are available and I got the recipe book as well. Yes, I already have the wee vegan one, but I'm always happy to adapt meat recipes so there are lots of ideas for me to use. Great value - they may seem expensive initially but they're nit really, because they are saving you from buying a shed load of different spices that will lose their freshness over time (I need a spice cupboard clear out!)

Spice Kit/Cookbook and Box

Having been enjoying weekly meals from the book and using all the spice pots I have decided to let one of our best friends enjoy the superb ideas and tasty spices too! We have already introduced her to Roast Aubergine Curry which we delivered to her, she knows the tastes and results she will be able to produce. She has taken in a Ukranian family recently so this will be a very useful addition to her kitchen.

It was a present for my granddaughter ,she like the one I cooked for her so I decided to buy her one

Indian cuisine made easy.

For those wishing to experiment with Indian cooking at home, this is as good a place to start as any. The starter spice kit gives 4 blends for specific meals, but the recipe book offers many choices of starters, sides, deserts, meat and vegetarian dishes that should keep everyone happy.
What attracted me most was the recipe book and a Bhuna spice blend in the kit. Normally, I source individual spices to blend myself, so Spice Pots is a departure for me.

tasty, tasty, tasty

absolutely fantastic, will definitely be ordering again, best taste in curries i've had with these spice pots, the recipes in the book are easy to follow and taste fantastic, will stick to making homemade ones from now on

Box of lovelyness

Beautiful tin full of tempting spice mixes with a lovely cook book to inspire everyone.

Goan spice

nice and hot flavours goes with all meaty dishes

80g spice pot

These larger pots are great,I use my spices alot ,so it made sense,they taste amazing and the pots are very pretty.

80g spice pot

Had to go for the larger pot as these spices are now my go too.perfect.

80g spice pot

I use these spices so much ,I decided to go large,just perfect.

pleasing gift

I ordered the vegan pack for my daughter for her birthday because she likes to try new recipes. I know she will be impressed. I received a pack as a gift previously and love the different spice blends. I also ordered the book.

Spice Pots Refills
Oliver Leech
Spiced muffins

Just bought several more packets of Sweet Spice. I follow the spiced muffins recipe in your book but use gluten free flour. The muffins are excellent and usually consumed very quickly. They are also delicious when toasted. And it is not just the taste that appeals then but also the aroma of the toasting!
(I always add a generous handful of sultanas or dried fruit.)

Great product

Ordered refills as my pots were almost empty. Happy to see I could refill the cute pots, saving waste. Quick to order. Quick to arrive. No complaints from me!

It is so easy!

These lovely little pots , along with the fabulous recipe book are all you need to make super quick meals that, so far, have been delicious.

Spice pots sweet spice

Havnt used yet,but bought as there are some fabulous recipes in the cook book I would like to try,and also there is room in the storage tin,making it a whole set now .

Spice pots refills

These are great,I bought the whole set as I've used all of them,really quick delivery ,nicely packaged in decorative letterbox box.

Spice pots storage tin

This is fab,its really pretty and looks great in my kitchen,it holds 6 tins of spice pots spices,but best of all,the grater and cook book also fit inside ,so everything together..totally fabulous .

Everyone's a winner dinner gift.

This is a mage level genius gift. I'm half and half grateful to the Spice Pots crowd and pleased with myself. It's a gift that keeps giving and almost equally for the recipients, who love cooking and eating the meals, and me. I love eating and not cooking the meals.

I bought for my mum and my brother-in-law and I've had a round of curries in both households off the back of it.

Thank you. Thank you.