About Us

My mission is to help people create consistently delicious curries and Indian-inspired food at home with my perfectly balanced spice blends, clever shortcuts and simple recipes. Founded in 2014, as a sleep deprived Mum of 3 living in rural Scotland I was looking for a shortcut to produce the healthy and authentic curries I’d learnt to cook in India. I found a way to batch-blend my delicious spice combinations and re-create my favourite curry recipes.

With five different spice blends and a huge variety of recipes in my cookbook, my mission remains the same - to make cooking easier! The best bits about my job? Hearing from our customers with their feedback of how Spice Pots has transformed their meal times and have become a staple in their home cooking.

As the Spice Pots team grows, our goal stays the same: to simplify the cooking process without compromising on flavour, so that however busy you are you can enjoy home-cooked, healthy and delicious curry.

Meet the team


Founder & MD

Mel started Spice Pots in 2014, after a previous life organising high profile events in London and Glasgow. Having been a firm fan of curries since living for a time in India, she brought the secrets of creating an authentic curry back home to the UK. Outnumbered by her 3 gorgeous, noisy boys, she escapes for “me time” with long coastal runs in the morning with her beloved dog, Pixie, and finds that if she needs a bit more alone time, dancing to loud music in the kitchen is the perfect way to clear the room. Her enthusiasm in the office is infectious and is a clear nod to her beliefs in the benefits of meditation and the power of positive thinking. At Spice Pots HQ, she’s created a little haven for her team of talented Mums, where the focus is on fun and thriving both as individuals and as a team.

Desert Island must haves? Bounty Bars (no sharing necessary, as no-one else likes them!) and her super comfy headphones.


E-Commerce Manager

Caroline moved on from years of experience in the hotel world, to take up the position as our online listings expert and analytics geek. While she’s passionate about our keywords ranking and thrives on learning more about the ins and outs of Amazon, her real love is coffee - and she’d love to see it listed as part of the recommended five-a-day. As a close second to these, she’ll take a tub of ice-cream and her two children, in no particular order. With an always inquisitive mind, she once polished off a Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, keeping the cookie dough aside to see if you could really make cookies with them. Drop her an email for the answer ;)

Desert Island must haves? An endless supply of coffee, with a side of Louis Theroux


Digital Content Manager

Although Meg hails from down under, she's lived on these shores for almost 20 years and has fallen in love with the Brits humour and enthusiasm for fried food. Her uni degree was a unique combo of Computer Science and American History, and led her to many happy years as a web guru in Edinburgh and Bristol. At Spice Pots, she spends way too much time getting things absolutely centred on graphics and loves to read up & then waffle on about lots of different subjects on our blog, newsletters and social media. Meg enjoys walks in nearby forests, 80s music and finds it impossible to resist 90% dark chocolate.

Desert Island must haves? Avocados (with maldon salt please) and an old, totally horrendous but beloved bright blue fleece (even her 7 year old frowns upon it!)


Sales & Marketing Executive

Kimberley started her career in the travel industry, and with the belief that food and travel go hand in hand, joined Spice Pots to pursue her passion for food and support the rest of the team. Her experience in Business Development and B2B Marketing means that she spends her time at Spice Pots helping with supplier relationships, social media and content creation. When she’s not working, she’s planning her next adventure searching for the tastiest dishes around the globe. As someone who gained the nickname ‘dusty bin’ as a child, there’s no foods she won’t try!

Desert Island must haves? Margaritas (with a side of chips & guac) and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (even though she’s read it an embarrassing amount of times already).


Accounts Assistant

Wendy is the facts and figures part of the team! She is a freelance book-keeper and payroll administrator, and has mostly been involved with business management for small companies. With a “life is too short” attitude, Wendy became self employed so she could fit in her loves of cycling, running and beach boot camps, and have more time with her family, where - like Mel - she is outnumbered by her husband and 3 sons (all farmers!), who have given her 4 adorable grandchildren who she loves spending time with. When she can tear herself away from them, she enjoys travelling adventures in the Far East and South America.

Desert Island must haves? It’s another vote for chocolate, along with anything that plays music (batteries please if it’s not solar-powered)