Eat Well For Less

Eat Well For Less

After a summer of feasts with friends & family, afternoon drinks in sunny gardens and ice-creams on the beach, it's time to get back to a bit of routine and tighten our purse strings (and belts).

Our recipes are great for those ticking both the budget and healthy boxes for their meal planning. Try some of these great tips below to Eat Well For Less:

  • Plan ahead for your weekly shopping list.
  • Bulk meals out with lentils and beans.
  • Eat more vegetables - fresh or frozen!
  • Aim for zero waste - curries are a great way to use up bits-and-bobs in the fridge.
  • Tinned foods are your friends! Ensure you cupboard is well stocked with tinned tomatoes, beans and coconut milk.
  • Make sure leftovers are eaten for lunch or frozen for another day.
  • Cook from scratch - don't spend your money on ready meals or takeaways.
  • If you can even incorporate a couple of these tips into your kitchen routine, you'll be on the right path. Take a look below at our favourite three tips for Spice Pots fans to use.

Up your pulses

Up your pulses
The cheapest ingredients are dry and tinned beans ~ and they are also incredibly healthy and filling! Our popular Lentil Daal is super easy to make and costs about 84p per serving.
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Get your 5-a-day

Get your 5-a-day
Transform fresh or frozen vegetables into a delicious meal when combined with our spice blends. These Beetroot Fritters are perfect to have in the freezer, and you can make a batch & feed a family of four for just 29p each.
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Ditch the takeaways

Ditch the takeaways
Evening takeaways will most definitely blow your weekly spend quickly. Opt for one of our quick Fakeaway recipes, so you can recreate your favourite Indian takeaway order at home ~ simple, healthy and cheaper!
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