Valentine's Day: Ditch the gifts and do the dishes.

Valentine's Day: Ditch the gifts and do the dishes.

Put the flowers back and leave the chocolates on the shelf. (If your loved on is still on their New Year’s health kick they might not even appreciate the temptation of a Milk Tray anyway). Flowers and chocolates are great - but sometimes it’s the simplest things that show someone just how much you love them.

Here's our mini round up of the simplest ways to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day.

1) Get up early and tidy the kitchen, it won’t take long, it won’t cost you anything but they’ll love you for it!

2) Organise an afternoon out for you and the kids, without your partner. As lovely as it is to be together, it’s also a lovely gesture to show your appreciation for their hard work the rest of the year round by giving them the afternoon off!

3) Put the kettle on, small gestures sometimes mean the most!

4) Opt for a tech free night. We spend far too much time glued to our devices - but leaving the phones in a different room will do your relationship (and your own health) wonders.

5) Have dinner ready on the table after a stressful day! If you know your partner has had a tough day, cook up a delicious curry so the first thing that hits them when they walk through the door is the smell of spices. Obviously we can definitely help you out here. Our range of Spice Pots make it super quick and easy to whip up a nutritious meal, and our recipe bank will leave you spoilt for choice.

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