Turkey Leftover Recipes

Turkey Leftover Recipes

Turkey Leftover Recipes

We've got lots of ideas of how to use up your leftover turkey to keep things interesting in the period between Christmas and New Year.  Turkey Curry is a favorite but check out our other turkey leftover recipes too including gorgeous little Turkey Pies, Turkey Fried Rice and our very easy Turkey Curry Recipe.

Turkey Curry Recipe

Such an easy way to whip up a delicious and healthy curry to use up your turkey leftovers.  We've suggested using our Bhuna blend but you could use any of our spice mixes.  The sauce is so easy to make and will be ready in around 20 minutes.  Add your own touch by adding a little stock or add a dash of cream for a little more Christmas cheer!

Turkey Pies

This little pies are divine!  The original recipe is for chicken but why not use your leftover turkey instead?  If it's too fiddly to make individual turkey pies, why not just make a big family size one instead?  

Turkey Fried Rice

This recipe will in fact work with your ham, beef, chicken or turkey leftovers.  A lighter and more unusual way to jazz up your Christmas leftovers.  You could even add the leftover vegetables too.  This recipe feels lighter and not as rich as some of the heavy meals eaten over Christmas. 


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