Snowed in? S'no Bother with Spice Pots

Snowed in?  S'no Bother with Spice Pots

We are based in a village in Scotland, near Edinburgh and this is the 3rd day we've been cut off.  We are very lucky to have 2 shops and a very supportive community but stocks are now running low as deliveries can't get through.   However, it's amazing what you can make with the long neglected ingredients in your store cupboard and freezer. 

We've put together a few recipes that you can make with the most basic of ingredients. Some may need tweaking if you don't have all the ingredients, but with our Spice Blends, you can make deliciously seasoned dishes, with very little effort.

Satay Sauce - serve over roasted vegetables, chicken, pork

Spiced Cous Cous - serve with any vegetables you have in your freezer

Savoury Pancakes - even on their own, these are delicious and super quick

Tarka Daal - got some red lentils?  Make this and serve with hot buttered toast

Chicken Fried Rice - a firm favourite in our house, even without the chicken

Vegetable Pakoras - easy and delicious

Potato Patties - these will keep you warm and full

 Get creative, get cooking and keep warm!


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