Aloo Ki Tikki (Potato Patties)

These are small potato patties often sold at street food stalls in Northern India.  A lovely starter or snack, served with chutney, raita or a simple salad.  

500g potatoes, cooked
150g fresh or frozen peas
4 tbsp oil
2 green chilllies, chopped (optional)
1/2 red onion, finely chopped
2cm piece ginger, grated
3 tsps of either Korma, Bhuna, Goan or Tandoori Masala blend
2 tablespoons besan flour (chickpea flour, gram flour)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Salt, to taste

Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil and fry the onions, ginger and chilli (if using).  Once the onions are transparent, add a splash of water and the spice pot spices.  Cook for about a minute then mix in the peas and warm through very gently (too much cooking and the peas will loose their green. Add this mixture to the cooked potatoes, and mix in the besan flour, lemon juice and salt.  Combine well then form the mixture into golf ball size balls.  Shape into patties.  

Heat the remaining oil in a non-stick frying pan and add the patties in batches.  Fry them on each side until crisp and golden brown.

Serve hot or cold.  Lovely with our mint and coriander raita or some mango chutney.