Vegan Bean Burgers

Vegan Bean Burgers
These tasty burgers are a lovely consistency - no mushy burgers here!  We have used the Goan blend to season these burgers but you could use any of our savoury blends.   This recipe makes a lot of burgers - I always freeze half the batch - but half the quantities if you are cooking for a small group.

1 chopped onion
180g cooked brown rice (about 60g uncooked rice)
50g breadcrumbs
1 tin butter beans
1 tin cannellini beans
1 tbsp goan blend
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp ketchup
1 fresh chilli (optional)
Handful coriander leaves and stalks

Whizz up all the ingredients in a blender.  Form into burgers.  If cooking in the oven, grease a baking tray and cook at about 170c for 10 minutes on one side, then flip and cook for a further 10 minutes.

On the barbecue, cook for a few minutes on each side.

Delicious served with one of our summer salads or the Mint and Coriander Raita (using dairy free yoghurt) or a simple green salad.  We also have a delicious cashew raita recipe too.

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