Summer Meal Ideas

Summer Meal Ideas

Summer Meal Ideas using Seasonal Vegetables

A dinner idea inspired by the vegetables that are growing in your garden or allotment (or vegetables that are currently in season) is a joyful thing!  To go out to your garden, choose your vegetables and then cook with them feels pretty special.   Equally, if you choose seasonal vegetables from the supermarket, they are considerably less expensive than those that have been flown in and obviously are better all round for our planet.

Summer dinner recipes, summer vegetarian recipes and summer soups are made so much easier and more economical when you use seasonal vegetables.  


Even one courgette plant in a small bed or pot can produce a huge amount of courgettes (get cooking courgette recipes!) and these can be used easily in some of the summer dinner recipes following.  

Courgette Curry

An easy dinner idea, using only one pot, and ready in around 30 minutes.  Here we are exploring using multiple different spice blends but you can of course just use one type of curry powder.

Courgette and Chickpea Curry

Courgette Soup

A very simple soup recipe which freezes well.  Keep old containers for freezing soups like plastic milk bottles or alternatively if you are short on freezer space, buy some freezer bags designed for soup or sauce and freeze them flat.  This not only saves space, but also enables them to defrost much more quickly.

Courgette Soup

Grilled Courgette

One of our easiest courgette recipes and a great option for a BBQ side dish.

Grilled Courgette Recipe

Courgette Fritters

We cooked these on a griddle pan in our pizza oven, but they work well just as well on a BBQ or on a griddle on the hob or oven.  They take minutes to prepare and cook.

Courgette Fritter Recipe



Kale recipes might bring to mind superfood smoothies but you will change your mind when you try this easy crispy kale recipe, spiced up a little with our spice mixes.  If you don't tell your kids it's kale, they may eat it!

Oven-baked Crispy Kale Recipe


Like soup recipes, pakoras (sometimes called fritters or bhajis) are a great way to use up excess vegetables from your garden or fridge. Our vegetable pakora recipe is very quick and versatile - you can make pakoras, vegetable pakora, courgette pakora, courgette fritters, cauliflower pakora, vegan pakora with very little effort.  If you want to make them gluten free, use chickpea flour which is often called besan flour or gram flour.  

We have 2 different pakora recipes, so check them out to see how you can use up an excess of vegetables in your garden or if you are having a fridge clear out!

Oven-baked Pakoras

Fried Pakoras


We have 2 different, easy aubergine curry recipes on our site. One roasts the aubergines before adding to the curry; the other is a one-pot aubergine curry; both are easy aubergine recipes.   

Aubergine Curry

Roast Aubergine Curry


Another easy way to use up beetroot from your garden or your veg box.

Beetroot Fritters


For other summer meal ideas, check out our plant-based BBQ recipes or barbecue recipes

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