Kachumber Salad

Kachumber Salad in a bowl

Kachumber Salad

Kachumber is an easy make-ahead Indian salad.  It's simple to make and you can change up the salad vegetables as you like. Grated carrot, celery and radishes also work well in this side salad. An Indian side dish that will go with almost everything!    Great as a BBQ salad too. 

Serves: 4-6 as a side dish
Prep time: 15 minutes

1/2 onion, thinly sliced 
1/2 cucumber, seeds removed
6 small tomatoes, like picolo or similar, chopped in half or quarters
A small bunch of mint, chopped
1/2 lemon, juiced (approx 1 to 1.5 tbsp)
1 lime, juice (approx 2 tbsp)
Salt and pepper


  1. Mix the citrus juices in a small bowl and toss in the sliced onion.  Season.
  2. Halve the cucumber length ways and scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon. Slice into small moons and add the chopped tomatoes and mint.
  3. Serve alongside pakora, samosa, grilled meat, chicken skewers 

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