Easy Indian Feast

Easy Indian Feast for National Curry Week

Like any wonderful idea, a feast should grow arms and legs as it's planned - especially an Indian feast. Do you ever think you'll just have curry and rice for dinner? But then the "ands" begin... And perhaps just one naan - to share (not likely!)... and perhaps a side would be good too - a little Saag Aloo?... and if we're having that, shall we just have some pickles and poppodums to start???

It's a wonderful, indulgent eating extravaganza and there's no time like now to start planning for a feast to end all feasts for National Curry Week.

We've planned the ultimate but easy Indian Feast, much of which can be made ahead and will be all the better for it. It includes newly created recipes too, which really take advantage of the seasonal produce available now that it's autumn. 

Easy Indian Feast

And so it begins...
Oven Baked Pakoras ~

The main event
(or if you're not a fan of lamb, try our Quick Chicken Tikka Masala)
Finishing on a high

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