Indian Dinner Party Menu = An Easy Dinner Party Menu

Indian Dinner Party Menu for National Curry Week

Indian Dinner Party Menu = An Easy Dinner Party Menu!

If you are looking for easy dinner party menu ideas, you've come to the right place.   Whether you are cooking for 6 or 16, this easy dinner party menu allows some flexibility so that you can include your favorites but offer variety to your guests.  

We've planned the ultimate but easy Indian Dinner Party Menu - a wonderful, indulgent eating extravaganza - but at the same time it's all very simple and casual.  Casual dinner party menu ideas are great to have up your sleeve for family gatherings and the perfect way to celebrate National Curry Week.

We think dinner ideas for party should be as easy as possible so we've given you lots of different options so that you can pick and choose what suits your gathering best.  Miss out the starters if you like - it's all very filling!

Casual dinner party menu ideas are largely cooked the day before so that you have more time to chat with guests rather than stressing about the cooking!   We think you should enjoy your party as much as your visitors and we hope this party menu will enable you to do just that.

Indian Dinner Party Menu


Roast Pumpkin Dip with toasted pitta strips or with breadsticks.  This quick homemade dip is easy to make.  Substitute for other roasted vegetables if you prefer.

Savoury Spiced Nuts - these are absolutely delicious and very moreish.  Can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container until serving.


Sweet Potato and Pepper Soup - this is ideal if you would like to cook the starter in advance.  Sometimes though, a hot starter can cause problems with pan space on the hob or in the oven so you may want to skip this for the nibbles option instead.  Or get it ready early and keep warm in a slow cooker.

Pakoras - these pakoras are delicious but they require last minute cooking so be very organised if you want to go down this route!

Aloo Ki Tikki - these spiced potato patties are so tasty.  You could fry this a couple of hours ahead of time and keep warm.  


You can really go to town here and offer a huge variety of different curries or just pick 2 or 3 of your favorites for an easier time in the kitchen!  You could of course make these in advance and freeze. Garnish with plenty of chopped, fresh coriander just before serving. All of these curry recipes are gluten free and dairy free. 

Beef Curry with our spicy Goan Blend  - this is one of our original recipes and it's still a favorite.  We suggest making this in the in slow cooker for maximum ease.

Lamb Curry with our Bhuna Blend or our Rogan Josh As lamb has quite a punchy price tag, you can use half lamb and half potatoes to make this go a lot further.

Chicken Curry with our mild Korma Blend or if you like it spicy, try our Madras blend. This easy chicken curry recipe works well for a party as there is no need to marinade the chicken before cooking.

Vegetarian Curry with our Tandoori Masala Blend - this mushroom curry is very filling, using two different types of mushrooms.  Add peas and spinach or chickpeas.   

For an alternative vegetarian curry recipe, try our Roast Aubergine Curry. You can roast the aubergines ahead of time and freeze.

Lentil Curry - our daal recipe is one of our favorites. You an use any of our spice mixes.  Great as a vegetarian main meal or as an accompaniment for the meat curry.


Curry can be quite heavy and can also look a bit dull so, to add a bit of colour and freshness to your table, try adding some easy side dishes. 

Kachumber Salad - ready in minutes, this delicious salad adds a bit of zing to your plate.

Carrot Salad - another easy side dish option, you can make this a day ahead.  The flavours will develop overnight.  You will need some extra spices for this recipe - cumin seeds, mustard seeds and turmeric.

Mint and Coriander Raita - delicious drizzled over any curry but this goes especially well with the lamb curry.

Easy Flatbreads - these are incredibly easy but if you think this is one step too far for your stress levels, then opt for shop bought naan!  You can make the dough ahead and freeze.  They do require cooking at the last minute so consider asking for a volunteer to crack on with these whilst you get the main course served.


If you've got any room left, a lighter dessert will finish things off nicely!  Our sweet blend elevates these 2 dessert recipes to new heights.

Roasted Plums with Ice Cream

Indian Shortbread with a fruit sorbet

TOP TIP: Rice cookers are a brilliant addition to your kitchen gadgets.  They take all the stress away and you can prepare the rice in advance and leave to keep warm.
Looking for easy meals for large family gatheringsRead our blog 'Cooking for a Crowd' where you will find more dinner ideas for party including easy curry recipes for large groups of up to 35 people.  

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