11 Packing Essentials for a Campervan Trip

11 Packing Essentials for a Campervan Trip
  1. Waterproofs

These are essential for any holiday in the UK because the weather is as temperamental as a toddler. A waterproof jacket will make your adventures out of the campervan a lot more enjoyable if the weather doesn’t happen to be on your side.

Buy: Tiso

  1. Card Games

For families, adults and kids; during rain or shine, cards are fun for all and more importantly small enough to transport easily. One game that you can’t go wrong with is Monopoly Deal. It can be fun or competitive and most importantly, much quicker than the board game version!

Buy: Monopoly Deal

  1. Power Bank

Running out of power for phones, cameras and other devices is not something you want to happen if you rely on them for emergencies, directions or capturing memories. Having an extra boost of battery in one of these little power banks is a great safety blanket to have, whilst on your campervan trip.

Buy: Maplin

  1. Spice Pots

This was an obvious addition, but you can make so many things from these little pots. Whether it’s a camping meal of Goan Spiced Pulled Pork that you can make before the trip for everyone to enjoy around a fire, Tandoori Masala Chicken Skewers to grill over a BBQ or a Satay Sauce, which is versatile, delicious and freezes incredibly well, we have lots of easy meals for camping. You won’t regret using these in advance and/or taking them along for the ride!

Buy: Curry Night Kit

  1. Portable BBQ

No campervan trip is complete without a BBQ and we have lots of camping recipes here. If it’s your first (and potentially last) trip in a campervan, then you might just borrow a portable BBQ or pick up a disposable one. However, if you’re looking for something more permanent, look no further than Kadai.

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  1. Pots & Pans

For non-BBQ nights you’ll need utensils for cooking inside the campervan and RidgeMonkey comes highly recommended. They can be used separately as griddle pans or together as a toastie machine – great for making on-the-go lunches too!

Buy: RidgeMonkey

  1. Cutlery

This Joseph & Joseph on-the-go cutlery set is an absolute life saver. It’s small and compact, so will fit in to your rucksack very easily. It slots in neatly to its cover, keeping the cutlery and your bag clean. They are great for using daily, both in and out of the van.

Buy: Go-Eat Cutlery Set

  1. BrossDeli

Not everyone wants to cook all the time or think of camping breakfast ideas. So, picking up a Bross Bagels Deli order in advance of your trip can keep you covered for brunch for a few days and then you’ll have your Spice Pots to take over! Or create the ultimate collab of a Spice Pots bagel – I can definitely vouch for this.

Buy: Bross Deli

  1. Beers

After a day of driving, it’s a treat to enjoy a cold beer overlooking an amazing view. Stewart Brewing have Can Cubes that include 4 different beers, so you can pair one with each of our Spice Pots! And if beer isn’t your thing, they also have The Collector Scottish Gin. However, just be aware of the drink and drive limits in the UK. You can find more information on this here.

Buy: Can Cubes

  1. Cosy Blanket

Whilst you’re BBQing on the beach, or cosying up in your van, a blanket is essential for keeping you warm. Laura Thomas Co. is a beautiful brand from North Berwick and their gorgeous linens would bring affordable glamour to any home away from home.

Buy: Sand Waffle Blanket

  1. Paddle Board

The ultimate campervan activity has to be paddle boarding. It’s such a relaxing activity and enjoyable for the whole family. This Aquaplanet Rockit board is great for beginners and doubles up as a kayak for anyone more comfortable sitting down. A great way to watch the sun rise or set, whilst burning up an appetite for dinner.

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