Curry Puffs

puff pastry filled with a curry filling

This easy curry puffs recipe is a fantastic way to use up leftovers and leftover curry.  Easy meals are essential to have up your sleeve for midweek meals, a work lunch that is not a sandwich (!) and for quick dinner ideas.

This recipe uses shop bought, pre-rolled puff pastry for maximum ease and the filling is completely flexible depending on what leftovers you have.  You could also use filo pastry but this takes a little more care when folding up. We absolutely love these filled with Lentil Curry, or our Lamb Bhuna or really any of our easy curry recipes!  Just make sure the leftovers are quite firm and not too 'saucy'.  The filling also needs to be completely cool otherwise the pastry will melt.

You can make these puffs as large or small as you like.

Makes: 6-12 puffs depending on the size of the cutter

375g Ready Rolled Puff Pastry
Leftover Lentil Curry or leftover lamb curry, or leftover beef curry
1 tsp filling per puff for small or 1 dessert spoon of filling for large


  1. Ensure your filling is cool.  Heat the oven to 210 or 200 fan.
  2. Simply cut out your preferred size and shape of pastry
  3. Lift up and spoon in your filling - don't make it too full
  4. Fold over and pinch together the edges.  Then go over with a fork to seal together.
  5. You can brush with water, egg or milk to make glossy or skip this.
  6. Cook on a baking tray in the oven for 15-20 minutes, depending on size.

Recipe Note: You can make 6 large puffs (as in the photo) by cutting out 6 even squares from the shop bought puff pastry.  Fits perfectly.

These don't last long in our house but are great as a snack or serve as an easy starter with our kachumber salad and easy raita or green chutney.


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Use any leftovers as your filling! Leftover lamb curry or leftover beef curry as a filling!

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