Budget Meals for when you're feeling the pinch

Budget meals

Budget Meals

There are always lovely things that you can cook, even when you are on a budget.  So, when the month is dragging on and you need some inspiration for cheap healthy meals, check out your store cupboard and see what you can cook up!  Cheap meals can be delicious! Spice mixes cheer up even the most boring of ingredients.

The cheapest ingredients are things like tinned beans, lentils and fresh or frozen vegetables. Fortunately, these are also incredibly healthy and filling! Even the most modest ingredients can be transformed into a bowl of deliciousness when combined with our aromatic spice blends.

We used Tesco prices to get an estimate of cost for some of our favourite recipes, but you could save a little more by shopping around for the best prices in stores such as Aldi or Lidl.

  • Our Daal recipe is easy to make and leaves you feeling very full. It tallies up around £3.36 to make and feeds 4 people for dinner ~ for just 84p each!
  • These Beetroot Fritters are a great family meal (especially for a meat-free night!) and also freeze well as either batter or cooked fritters. This recipe actually makes around 30 fritters, so our family of 4 just eat half this amount with a fried egg and some veg, and freeze the rest for another night. At £2.30 to make this whole batch, that means you could get 8 portions for round 29p!
  • The Roast Aubergine Curry is a little more expensive but is so tasty and still great value, at £5.14 for the whole recipe, so just £1.30 per person!
  • Get those chickpeas in for added protein and to bulk out the meal! Both the Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry and Courgette & Chickpea Curry are packed with goodness, and come in at around just over £1 per person.
  • We love these Aloo Ki Tikki patties for a bite to start or as a snack. They would also work great as a side! For this recipe, it is around £2.34 to make, which means each patty is only 19p!

Another great money saver is to ditch that Friday night takeaway for a fakeaway, so be sure to check out our most popular Fakeaway recipes.

For more delicious vegetarian recipes, read our blog.

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