Spice Pots Top 7 Work Lunches

Lentil and Carrot Salad

During the colder months, I like to have something hot to eat at the office as I tend to get cold sitting behind my computer all day!  As I'm also trying to eat less bread, I find the combination of a warming soup and a hearty salad does the job of keeping me full until I get home for dinner.


All these recipes are simple and delicious.  Why not play around with our blends to see which is your favorite combination of spices?  I have a food flask which keeps these warm until lunchtime or take to work in a plastic tub and heat up in a microwave if there is one.

Roast Vegetable Soup, Lightly Spiced

This is a very simple way to make soup - put all of the vegetables, including onions into the oven.  Roast for around 30 mins then simply transfer to a pan, add stock and whizz up!  You can vary the vegetables according to what's in season and what you have in the fridge.

Sweet Potato and Pepper Soup

A hearty soup that keeps you filled up until dinner.  Delicious but subtle flavours, using either our Goan or Korma blends.

Korma Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

The addition of coconut milk in this recipe gives it a lovely sweetness and creamy consistency.

Spice Pots Cullen Skink

The heartiest of all our soups, this is almost a meal in itself, especially when paired with a big chunk of bread (it's too good a combination to leave out, even if you are trying to avoid bread!)


Our salads are filling and can be eaten cold.  I have a sort of a tiffin in which I take mine to work.  Similar ones can be found here.  You can also take snacks in these and they don't leak!

Spiced Potato Salad

Cheap and cheerful - add loads of fresh herbs.  

Tomato and Lentil Salad

I tend to make this on a Sunday so it's all ready for the week. When short on time, use pre-cooked lentils

Spiced Roast Carrot, Lentil and Feta Salad

This is my favorite work salad.  I often add beetroot or substitute the carrots for parsnips.  As above, use pre-cooked lentils for a quicker recipe.

Hopefully these recipes will keep you going until the warmer weather arrives.   

Or, to elevate your sandwiches to the next level, read on for 7 Indian-inspired sandwiches.  So tasty and a brilliant way to use up leftovers.

Or check out our blog all about store cupboard recipes.  Once you've got a few key ingredients, it's so simple to make healthy meals without any fuss.  

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