7 Indian-Inspired Sandwiches

7 Indian-Inspired Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? The filling is a huge part of what makes a sandwich great, so what better way to kick your sandwiches up a notch than with the nation’s favourite cuisine?! Here are some of our favourite sandwich filling ideas for easy healthy lunches or simple mid-week meals.  A brilliant solution for using up your curry leftovers!

Coronation Chicken Sandwich

This is one the most obvious Indian sandwich fillings and one of the easiest to whip up. It’s ideal if you have any leftovers, or you can poach chicken in advance and have this delicious sandwich ready to go for a quick, tasty lunch. You can find our coronation chicken recipe here.

Turkey Keema Toastie

This is another great lunch for using up leftovers. Our Turkey Keema recipe is a great family meal that can be transformed in to an equally great toastie. You can even add some cheese to help bind your toastie together!

Bombay Chilli Cheese Toastie

If you don’t follow Maunika Gowardhan (@cookinacurry) on Instagram, then you’re missing out. Her Bombay Chilli Cheese Toastie is one you’re going to want to make! It’s a quick lunch option that’s full of flavour and warming for an Autumn day. Switch the chaat masala for any of our Spice Pots, depending on your personal choice.

Curried Chicken Bagel

We recently worked with Bross Bagels to create a National Curry Week special, and it was a goodie! Grab a selection of Bross Bagels (the special was served on sesame) and use our Tandoori Masala blend to mix up a chicken salad of your choice. Top your bagel with the curried chicken, slaw, chorizo, tomatoes, crispy onions and chilli mayo. A dream lunch combo!

Tandoori Masala Chicken, Carrot Salad & Raita Wrap

This was a meal that our Spice Chief Mel rustled up for her family and they all raved about it! It’s a great healthy lunch idea that’s nutritious and delicious. Make our Chicken Skewers, Carrot Salad, Raita and add it all together to make an incredible wrap. This is a super fun build-your-own meal for the whole family or a yummy lunch to wrap up and take to work.

Lamb Burgers

Ok, so not technically a sandwich, but it is a tasty filling between carbs! This homemade burger recipe is easy to make and delicious to eat. These can also be served with some Raita and salad for a satisfying lunch that will fill you up.


Since we’ve gone down this road. Samosas also follow the filling and carb rule… These Pea & Potato Samosas make a easy on-the-lunch, but you can also fill them with leftover lentil daal or chicken curry. These are a great light lunch idea.

Our Spice Pots are a must for anyone looking to take lunch to the next level!

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