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Healthy Curry

Healthy Curry

With our no-nasties spice blends, eating healthy meals is already ticked off your list of New Year's goals. Our powders don't contain any sugar or salt - just 100% premium, natural spices.

If you are trying to make your Spice Pots creation even healthier, here are our top cooking tips:

  • A vegetarian curry is always going to have fewer calories, so try eating less meat a couple of times a week. Even just try to reduce the amount of meat, and top up with extra vegetables and/or pulses.
  • Coconut milk is healthy but is quite calorific, so you can swap it out for stock instead. We recommend using 250ml/300ml of stock in place of a 400ml tin of coconut milk. You can also use some yoghurt to add creaminess, instead of coconut milk or cream.
  • Use an oil spray to reduce the oil you need to fry the onions at the start of cooking
  • Cut out the naan bread and serve with brown rice instead of white rice.
Here are 8 of our healthiest curry recipes:

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