Healthy Curry

Healthy Curry


If you want to eat healthily, with basic ingredients and on a budget, there are no major changes that you need to make if you are cooking your curry from scratch.  Most of our recipes are super healthy anyway and you can easily adapt recipes to make them even healthier / less calorific.

Top Tips for making your curry healthier:

  • Coconut milk is healthy but is quite calorific.  Just swap it for stock instead.  We recommend using 250ml/300ml of stock in place of a 400ml tin of coconut milk
  • A few (not many) of our recipes use cream.   Replace it with yoghurt or coconut milk.
  • Use an oil spray to reduce the oil you need to fry the onions
  • A vegetarian curry is always going to have fewer calories so try eating less meat a couple of times a week
  • Cut out the naan bread and serve with brown rice instead
 As with most things, if you are well prepared, it's much easier to eat healthily.  Check out our blog post below to help get you started.
Below you will find some healthy and delicious recipes which will go easy on your waistband and your wallet!  These recipes are perfect for when we need to use basic ingredients and we aren't getting out the house as much as we would like.

Lazy Vegetable Bhuna
Chicken Bhuna
Goan Chicken and Lentil Curry
Goan Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry
Korma Lentil Daal
Korma Stir Fry
Tandoori Masala Mushroom, Pea and Spinach Curry
Tandoori Masala Vegetable and Lentil Curry




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