Your application to the Super Hero Club has been unsuccessful

Application unsuccessful

About this time last year, I wrote a blog post about managing with kids in the long summer holidays, whilst trying to run your own business.  Last year's approach (6 weeks at home) didn't work.  I nearly lost my marbles.  This year's approach, 3 weeks in France (lucky us) followed by 3 weeks at home, isn't working either.......

The 3 weeks in France was TOTALLY AWESOME and I loved it but the little day dream that I had, that I would work for a couple of hours in the morning to keep on top of Spice Pots stuff, was ridiculous.  I did a sum total of about an hours work and that was just dealing with stuff that I absolutely could not ignore.  Instead, I went to food markets, spoke bad French, bought food, cooked food, ate food, read, swam and drank wine.  

So, we get home, just about.  Some moron drove into the side of our van on the motorway. The first couple of days I'm so relaxed and I start to worry as I can't motivate myself to get on with anything and then suddenly the panic hits - 3 weeks of work to catch up on, 3 noisy boys to entertain all day every day, 3 more weeks of the summer holidays....... 

I would genuinely like to know how other people cope with working whilst kids are around. My methods / reactions so far have been:

  • Letting it all go (i.e I have no idea where in the village my children are).  
  • A structure: Lunch at 12.30 boys - free style until then and this afternoon we'll do some wholesome activity.
  • Yelling a lot - making them go to their rooms, tidy their rooms, do jobs round the house.  This always ends in tears (usually the boys on this one).
  • Grabbing a passing friend and crying after a horrible day of missing deadlines all round (work and kids).  The tears came first in the Village Hall after I realised I had forgotten to register son number 2 for the table tennis competition (I had been driving around the village looking for him after a 'letting it all go' day) and some nice friendly face said 'are you ok?' and the stress of the last 3 days all came tumbling out in the form of sobs and snot.

I am, apparently, not Wonder Woman.  My application to the Super Hero club has been unsuccessful.

Summer Holidays make me feel like I do nothing very well - being a Mum, being nice, being good at my job.

Will the boys remember happy summers?  Or will they remember a frantic, shouty, harassed mother?  We do have lovely parts of the day, most days, but is that enough?

What's my point?  I don't really have one, I'm just having a big rant / moan about the Summer Holidays.  Same as last year then.




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