Celebrate the Diwali Festival of Light

by Meg Macfarlane
Diwali Festival of Light

Diwali is an important celebration in India, marking the beginning of the Hindu calendar with a combination of twinkling lights, a rainbow of colours and indulgent feasts.

Diwali (or Dipawali) directly translates into "Rows (avail) of clay lamps (deepa)" and the embracing of this light over darkness symbolises age-old legends of good triumphing over evil.

It is also a time to come together and celebrate connections with family and friends, and enjoy many food creations from the Indian subcontinent.

With fireworks displays cancelled and gatherings of family & friends on hold this year, why not try these other ideas for making your Festival of Light celebrations special on Saturday 14th November.

~ Diwali Dinner Pack

We're very happy to support Scottish Love in Action, a charity that fundraises to support vulnerable children in India. They have organised a special Diwali Dinner Pack, so that you can create your own light filled Diwali Dinner and raise funds at the same time! Register now for your Diwali Dinner Pack.

~ Diwali Quiz

Organise your family & friends to having a Diwali dinner online! Use Zoom or Google Meet, and still see your favourite faces and share a meal together. You could even do our Diwali Quiz and see who knows the most about this festival!

~ Diwali Feast

Take a look at our Easy Indian Feast menu, and create a wonderfully delicious & yet simple spread of dishes. Perhaps you could make extra and drop it off at a friend's place to then enjoy on your Zoom together?

Whatever your plans are for Diwali, we hope you enjoy celebrating and wish you all the best luck for the coming year.

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