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Spice Pots Blog Post # 2 - Mostly a beige food week but pulled it back at the end with some healthy stuff; all-the-vegetables-in-the-fridge-sauce; homemade Pizza; homemade Tart.

  So, I had a really busy week last week and the weekend was only a little bit ruined when our youngest son put his hand through the greenhouse resulting in a trip to A&E (he’s fine BTW). Hubbie was slightly peeved as it was his birthday but we did make it to the pub in the end.Anyway, because of busy Spice Pots stuff, birthdays, trips to hospital and RIDICULOUS homework projects for my eldest son, most of our meals have been of the beige variety and I've not been all that calm and serene.  Perfectly normal questions from the children like ‘what’s for supper?’ are quickly regretted when she-who-feeds-us snaps back ‘oh for god’s sake, I don’t know’ as...

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Post Title ..... hmmm, this could potentially delay me posting for another year so let's call it FIRST SPICE POTS BLOG POST

Since I started Spice Pots in 2013, EVERYBODY has been going on about a blog - 'are you doing a blog?'; 'you need to do a blog'; 'SEO,,,, blog' blah blah.  Yes, I know this but when exactly am I supposed to find the time to do it?  I've been dithering for some time - what's the angle; what shall I call it,.  Well no more.  I'm just going to share time saving, real life cooking and recipes that are (mostly) healthy, that save you time and that your kids MIGHT like.  The photos will not be professional because THIS IS REAL LIFE AND MY HOUSE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A MAGAZINE HOUSE and my food does not look like a...

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