Goan Pork Curry (Medium to Hot)

Goan Pork Curry (Medium to Hot)
This recipe is super easy to put together but takes around 1.5 hours to cook.   

1 tbsp oil
1 large onion, finely chopped
3 cloves of garlic, crushed or chopped
4cm piece of ginger, grated
400g tin of tomatoes
8 tsps of Spice Pots Goan Blend - use around 6 tsps for a milder curry
500g pork, diced
400g tin chickpeas
Kale / Spinach / Green Beans
Coriander, to garnish

Heat the oven to 150 fan / 170 normal (!)

Heat the oil then add the onion. Cook until translucent and just started to brown then add the ginger and garlic and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the tin of tomatoes and reduce for 5 minutes. Add 8 tsps of the Goan blend and cook for about 1 minute. Turn up the heat and add the pork to brown quickly. Keep stirring all the time. Add the salt then chickpeas and 250ml water or stock. Then pop into the oven for 1.5 hours or until the pork is lovely and tender. If using kale or green beans, add in 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time. If using spinach remove pan from the oven then add in and stir. Check the seasoning then garnish with coriander.

Serve with rice, mint and coriander raita and naan breads.

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